From the hushed-but-bustling confines of the lab where a new way of thinking about the finer points of molecular structure and biochemistry may bring the next vivid color breakthrough, to the thrumming hum of the manufacturing floor where a frontline hand may spot a streamlining opportunity that saves time and cost, innovation is at the core of everything we do.

Both sectors of our company have amassed an enviable heritage for innovation, including:

  • First to solution-dye technology 

  • First to post-industrial recycling

  • First and only fiber manufacturer using recycled post-consumer carpet fiber diverted from U.S. landfills in the production of nylon-6,6 with a broad color pallet consisting of 284 colors - Refresh® fiber

  • Pioneers in multiple polymer and multiple denier offerings


Chemical engineers, production experts, colorists and many others are employing advanced technologies both at the molecular bio-science level and in more macro environments from the manufacturing floor to the process planning stage. These technology advances have led to industry-changing advances in solution-dying, multi-polymer fiber development and more.


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Solution-dyed nylon-6,6 using recycled post consumer carpet fiber diverted from U.S. landfills.
Less water, waste, carbon and oil. With Refresh fiber, Less is More.


EcoInnovation Fiber®

A solution-dyed fiber developed specifically for the demands of today's leading performance apparel manufacturers with sustainability in mind.

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