Premiere Fibers® has for decades led the way in manmade fibers. That rich heritage encompasses more than 25 years of experience in producing Partially Oriented Yarn, Fully Drawn Yarn and High Tenacity Fibers. Premiere Fibers has the flexibility to create highly customized performance fibers for the most demanding applications, including industrial, military, apparel and more.


As the first to market solution-dyed nylon in a broad color pallet, Universal Fibers® is a global leader in the production of uniquely colored and high-quality, solution-dyed synthetic filament-based fibers for the flooring, transportation, medical and industrial fiber industries.

Universal Fibers® continues to lead the way with sustainable technologies that conserve energy and water, minimize waste, recycle post-industrial and post-consumer material and protect our environment.

Our product offerings have been developed for enhanced production versatility, and include Nylon 6, Nylon 6,6, PTT, and PET in both single colors and multi-end specialties. That versatility is further strengthened with the capacity to quickly and cost-effectively meet orders of all sizes and technical specifications.

As the largest exclusive producer of solution-dyed fibers, Universal Fibers® is committed to creating outstanding products, providing exceptional global service, and embracing our role as stewards of our natural environment.


Chemical engineers, production experts, colorists and many others are employing advanced technologies both at the molecular bio-science level and in more macro environments from the manufacturing floor to the process planning stage. These technology advances have led to industry-changing advances in solution-dying, multi-polymer fiber development and more.


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Solution-dyed nylon-6,6 using recycled post consumer carpet fiber diverted from U.S. landfills.
Less water, waste, carbon and oil. With Refresh fiber, Less is More.


EcoInnovation Fiber®

A solution-dyed fiber developed specifically for the demands of today's leading performance apparel manufacturers with sustainability in mind.

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